Demo ends soon! (Thank you so much!)

Dear wanderers,

We’re really glad to see the positive responses to the first demo of Racine. The demo was supposed to be removed this week but since a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, we decided to keep it available until next monday so everybody can have a chance to try it!

We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and to answer some questions/remarks that have been made regarding the demo.

-We know that the game feels currently too easy, even on harder difficulties. This comes from the fact that we failed to rebalance the game properly after adding the merchant and his boosts and we’re going to increase the difficulty in the future versions of the game. There was also a problem with the Charm of Fortitude which could give a huge amount of damage boost, making the following fights trivial, this has been corrected and the charm should now give +200% damage (instead of +600%).

-Some of you have requested the ability to use keyboard shortcuts and that’s something we’re working on. We’re planning to add the possibility to play the game keyboard only, with customisable key binding, and even gamepad support!

-We’ve also been working on improving the overall readability of the game. If you’ve played the first and last versions of the demo you may have noticed that we added some indications for when you spend or gain Ki, or when the enemies level increases/decreases, so you can have a better understanding of what is happening/when it’s happening.

And last but not least: even if the current demo won’t be available anymore as of next Monday, another longer and harder demo will be coming soon during the Steam Next Fest of February.

Thanks again for your support, stay tuned for more and we hope you’re eager to try it!

Don't forget to wishlist the game on Steam! It's really helpfull!

The Racine team, Hugues and Toulhane

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