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This Pixel Art Pack contains : 

- 1 Player

- 2 Enemies

- Environments (with animated props)

- User Interface props 

You can use this asset in any project you want, commercial or not. 

Support is really appreciated.

If you want my skills in Pixel Art in any project, ask me on Twitter or by mail ! 

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Authorhugues laborde
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Side Scroller


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PixelArtPack 447 kB


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I think this is perfect for my game, thank you!


Hey, I used your art pack for some extra art in my game, thanks!

I added you in the credits too!


Very Beautiful!!!

will you expand this to have more enemies?


Wow!This is a true beauty!!!

What is the pixels per unit I need to use in unity?


Can I use your character to become one of the main bosses in my game? 
The style you designed is really awesome and unique

I adore your artstyle, and this has to be my favorite pack of yours. Keep up the good work!


Awesome!! I register account for comment you .

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Hey! Working on game based on this great pack :)
Here is small work in progress screenshot

Thank you for the kind words ! :) 

Awesome :)

How is your game coming along?

Well, I froze the development. I like the idea of it, but I had no resources to finish it properly. Now I'm finishing Comrade Architect and planning to get back to it :)

Thank you for your question because it encouraged me a lot! :)


your design is awesome!!


Could we use this asset for commercial use


What I understand is I can use your wonderful assets in game development and give you a credit somewhere in my game.

My question is. If I make a trailers, teasers or screenshots from my game that includes your asset in it. Can I post it on social media, or make and 15 seconds video ads and market them? 

Of course

But you have to put my name somewhere ^^


awesome thanks for the reply and the hard work you put into this


WTF... Amazing.. please insert more asset like this also premium! Great job, are you available for work? If is yes, contact me on email in https://legacystudio.net/


Wow, really nice assets. I should try to make a game from them. Will you upload more assets to itch? I saw three packs for now. They are awesome. 

Thank you ! :) 

I will make other packs don't worry ! 


Thank you.



Thank you ! :)

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Talented you are. I wish I could pixel art like this.

Thank you ! :) 

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