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You can use it for free or pay if you want to support my work ! :) 

199 PNG frames 

Aseprite File 

my twitter account for commissions : https://twitter.com/hugueslaborde


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PackCharacterPixelArt05.rar 134 kB


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your work is something else, and you give it for free thank you so much, appreciate it

But isn't this the character from Days Bygone? Pretty cool seeing them move something besides their hands. Looks awesome!

I love this, but there are many images. Can you put this in a spritesheet?



How is this actually free

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Such an awesome character, but I can't figure out what frames are for each animation :(


Hey nice work with the art. Keep it up. :)

Animation for jump bro? but, very very cool style character and  animations <3 


jump animation?


This is such a cool character! But, are there no jumping animations?

Very cool style and animations ! Can I use this and possibly modify it for a game that I would like to sell eventually ?

Thanks ! Yes, but you have to put my name in the credits 


Of course, will do ! Looking forward to seeing more ! Keep up the good work

Broken Rar..

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Hey! this looks amazing. But I am not sure which frames are  for jump.

Hey! I love the art, but it seems the archive is damaged? I cannot open it!


Oh thanks ! I changed the rar file !

Deleted 279 days ago

the rar. file does not work.