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Hi, I just saw on your twitter bad wolf and blackbird.  Those are so great. Just wondering if you had any plans to include them for sale on itch io like other great assets you've done.  I would definitely buy for sure.  These are so awesome.

Hi ! 

No the black bird and the wolf are commissioned characters for a game 

sorry ^^

Ok, thanks

Thanks so much for these awesome assets! I used them in my game-jam submission. (


Awesome ! 

Great pack! But consider adding a jump to the player


The legend returns


I see creativity

Love your work! I really appreciate it!

Thank you ! :)


i dont see a download button. looks amazing though!

Thanks x) I forgot the files ^^


Wooooooooow, you are back ! I was talking about your assets yesterday.

Welcome back, very happy to see you again, you have something special that I was missing !

Thank you ! ^^


Nice to see you back. Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks !