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Hey buddy I use this on my game if you wanna check it out!

I do give credits in the game. Great Art! Cheers

Hi, in what program did u make this? Is it possible u share the project file so its easy to edit. Thank you

Hey! I can't thank you enought for making this asset... I made one of my dreams game, thanks to you. If you have any interest, here it is: Hope you like the game! I am open to feedbacks, as always.

Hey, Can I use this assets pack to create videos and post a game devlog please tell me

Yes you can :)

don't forget to credit my name (or my website) somewhere 


Thanks For The Reply


Hey, im using this sprites. Take a look.

Awesome ^^

hey i just saw your pack, want to join me and make a game?


I feel I could learn a lot using your pixel art as a basis, but I feel that could be a bit plagiarist of me