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Can you make this into a zip file instead? its because id on't have winra

meant to say it is not the ruby.  


the heart is in between the fire barrel and the character in the first screenshot (on left side).  It is t the ruby. 

hello, I love your graphics.   I noticed that the animated heart is missing.  I see the ammo, ruby etc but no heart.  Is it possible to get the heart?



Hi! I'm making  a game that also uses this sprite set and I was wondering what you used to make the player jump since I didn't see a jump sprite. 

Hi, I took the animation of the shot, and I painted the dust myself. I did in construct 3. I abandoned the project, good luck.


Hi, can I change some sprites from your projects and use them for commercial purposes?

Hello , do you an expansion of this asset? , i would like more enemies and kind of platforms if you have share the link even if it has cost


Fabulous as always. I have been trying to work on my won pixel art, and your work has inspired me to do so for my own game projects.