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I love him! A group of friends and I got together last night to bounce around ideas for the game we've always wanted to make. Starting small is the plan but we're already dreaming big! I got online to look at "how to's" for sprite creation and found this guy. He. Is. Everything. I tried to recreate the base sprite in GameMaker and mostly failed, but we all fell in love with the design and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for inspiring a bunch of 30 y/o's dreaming about what might be. 

I'll share his image here with you for a good lol. I

I know it's rough! But as my first ever sprite and as a guy who doesn't draw or paint at all, i'm real proud of him.

Going to download your professionally done version to mess around with. Thanks a lot again brother, for just doing what you do. If this project ever goes anywhere, i'll be sure to reach out again!

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this looks amazing! I know this is from three years ago... but I could really use some of your skills in one of my projects.. I always been failing my game projects as I cant do art of any kind.. I know you probably dont check comments anymore or dont have access to this account or maybe you just do not want to give out your skills anymore.. but it would be great if you can contact me on discord..

My discord username is- Quaffy#4759

have a great day :)

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used and zombified in my game
incredible asset! thanks!

당신은 예술 내 게임을 사용할 수 멋진 예술?


Could use your skills in one of my projects.

JÄGER#0451 - discord

Thank  you so much.

Very nice work!!!


Very nice work

Thank you :)