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Thank you for a good work. I want to use this character as the main character in my game, but is there any animation that shoots another gun?

Great pixel art! Can I use in my game?

Thanks ! :) yes of course :) 


Thank you~

Dear Hugues Laborde,

Thank you for sharing such great talent and sprites.  In particular this sprite has inspired me to make a side scroller game.  I've always dream of making games since he age of 14 (My parents buying me a package called 'Beging game programming with C++!'.

For various reasons and issues, I never go round to learning or making a game though its been a passion of mine.... still now at the age 36!!!

Anyway, enough of the life story.  I'm using this sprite for my first game which I'm creating in GML and really enjoying. Is there chance you are updating this sprite or I can make a donation for updates?  Ideally a animation of him still running while shooting, having gun out and possibly walking slow in aim position?

Currently my game has him moving, but then oince gun is out due to no animation I have to have him stand on spot.

Your input and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Look forward to your reply.


Great pixel art! Can I only recolour it to use in my game, if suits better the scenario?

Yes you can :)

Sure! Thanks, then.

This is a great one, would love to see more in this style.

Thank you ! :) 

Don't worry, I'm working on it ;)